Monthly Archives: November 2015

Save a bit on transportation

I understand your hesitation to travel abroad is pretty much centered on money. I’m not going to gloss over it and tell you that you won’t feel the money leaving your bank account because you will, but not for everything. Honestly, the biggest drain on your bank account will be the ticket to get you over […]

First stop Mostar

I usually travel abroad with the sole intent of seeing family because only my parents, sister, and I live in America, while everyone else is spread out all over Europe. However, this trip, while still centered on family, was more for being a tourist (I confess I did wrap my jacket around my waist while walking around). With […]

Reviewing Villa Eden in Mostar

  So you’re trying to save money by staying in crummy hostels where you’re getting little to no sleep every night? My friend, I have a little inside secret about your overseas accommodations. You do not have to sacrifice your beauty sleep to save a couple dollars. I stayed at the beautiful Villa Eden, located in Mostar, […]