Reviewing Villa Eden in Mostar



So you’re trying to save money by staying in crummy hostels where you’re getting little to no sleep every night? My friend, I have a little inside secret about your overseas accommodations. You do not have to sacrifice your beauty sleep to save a couple dollars. I stayed at the beautiful Villa Eden, located in Mostar, which made me feel like a wealthy seasoned traveler and only cost about $60 a night. $60 a night is not really a hefty price. Try to find a hotel as amazing as this in New York for $60 a night! Can’t do it can you? Let that sink in for a minute, and while you are trying to wrap your head around the idea of spending so little for such nice accommodations here’s a little review about Villa Eden.

I had the chance to visit some family in Bosnia this summer, and I really wanted to be a tourist this time around so we took a quick two day trip to Mostar, a significant touristy location in Bosnia. This short little adventure quickly became my favorite part of the entire month-long trip, and it all began with our amazing stay at Villa Eden.

A little side note: We called to book a room the day before we decided to drive out to Mostar, and we were very lucky because they had a few rooms available. However, I do caution you against booking so late because you never know if luck will be on your side. Try to book maybe three to four days in advance. I know I know, “But what about being spontaneous??”. I swear you’ll thank me when you’re sleeping in a bed rather than a park bench.

Once we finally saw the sign for Mostar city limits, I couldn’t stop bouncing in my seat (seriously I felt like I was a child going to Disneyland). From that point it was a breeze finding the hotel because there were signs at every intersection pointing you towards Villa Eden. I give them a lot of gold stars for putting in this extra effort because there were a lot of tiny street that could have easily confused us. The parking lot will really shock you because it almost felt like it was at a 90° and it was extremely terrifying to park. I swear it only gets better from here.

As soon as we entered the reception area, the horrible parking ordeal left our minds because we were in awe of the hotel. The exterior and interior of the building were very modern and it was brightly furnished throughout; this might be a drawback for you if you want to experience a really homey Bosnian setting while you are here, but for us it was perfect because we have the homey aspect with our family. Villa Eden really looked like someplace we could not afford because of its proximity to the center of the old town, its overall aesthetic, and its amazing service. Seriously, I mean when we were checking in the concierge gave us bubbly beverages to enjoy in the reception area while she took care of everything else.

Overall the rooms are extremely comfortable, they have televisions which do have some American channels, free wifi provided, really nice travel-sized bath products, and an amazing view from the bedrooms located at the front of the building left me in awe. They do provide room service, but there prices there are really way too extreme so try to stay away from that and instead enjoy the amazing buffet breakfast included in the price of the room. The buffet breakfast was on a completely different level from experiences I’ve had in the states. There were many everyday Bosnian breakfast treats such as: pasteta, suho meso, and Bosnian coffee. Of course, there were the everyday breakfast foods such as: eggs, milk, cereal, cream cheese, bread, and juices. Which I swear all taste so much better overseas.

After having the best sleep I had the entire time I was abroad at Villa Eden and then having a delicious breakfast, we were ready to take on Mostar.

5/5 rating for Villa Eden.


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