Save a bit on transportation

I understand your hesitation to travel abroad is pretty much centered on money. I’m not going to gloss over it and tell you that you won’t feel the money leaving your bank account because you will, but not for everything. Honestly, the biggest drain on your bank account will be the ticket to get you over there, after that you won’t feel the drain as much if you are smart with how you spend your money.

Here are some transportation tips I’ve picked up during my travels:

  1. Spend money on public transport if the country you are in has a really great public transport system. However, you will notice that smaller countries that have cities spread far apart (Bosnia especially) the public transport is not that great, but you can find some buses and trains to take you to where you’d like to go.
  2. Rent a car if you have a bit of extra money because then you don’t really have to plan your trip around public transportation. You can easily find car rental systems at each airport you touch down in.
  3. Have one country as your home base, because it’ll be cheaper to buy round trip tickets to other countries and then back to your home base. (We didn’t do this and ended up spending a few more dollars buying one way tickets then we would have if we bought round trip. See even I’m learning from my mistakes to then impart wisdom onto you. You’re welcome.)

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