Monthly Archives: January 2016

So who is running this thing?

I’m so glad you asked! My name is Sanja and I am originally from a tiny tiny place in Bosnia (a country many people have never heard of…most of the time when I tell people where I’m from they think I’m saying Boston…). I came to the United States roughly 18 years ago after that […]

Date day in Chattanooga

Well hello beautiful people! I’m bringing you the first (of hopefully many)¬†small trips to small places during¬†this beautiful new year. Here we go with this first small day trip down to Chattanooga to visit my boyfriend and take a little walk around the city! Hang on to your hats! (Because it was a very windy […]

The new year started and I’m already screwed

I told myself when I began this blog, for a class assignment, that I would keep at it because it was something I really wanted to do, Travel+Writing=An awesome pair, but after the semester ended I metaphorically closed this book and put it back on the shelf with a big INCOMPLETE stamped on it. However, […]