The new year started and I’m already screwed

I told myself when I began this blog, for a class assignment, that I would keep at it because it was something I really wanted to do, Travel+Writing=An awesome pair, but after the semester ended I metaphorically closed this book and put it back on the shelf with a big INCOMPLETE stamped on it.

However, I don’t want to do that anymore. Ever since I was a tiny child (here is me reminiscing about being a child please skip this if you hate nostalgia) I didn’t finish anything. Sure I finished reading books, watching movies, and learning my multiplication tables but I never finished anything for myself. I started to write songs when I was a tiny child and I never finished them, I wrote stories in my head but I never put them down on paper, I started writing a horrible novel in middle school and I only got a chapter in before I stopped trying, I planned out a whole world for a novel I wanted to write but when I came to character development and actually starting to tell the story I closed the notebook and never looked at it again. When I started college I tried doing the whole one picture a day thing but I stopped after a month, I tried to start making videos for youtube because I really like youtube culture but that never happened, I tried to start a blog (okay about 10 blogs) but I never made it past the first post.

(Reminiscing stops here) So in short I’ve never really done anything from start to finish, or not even to finish I’d like to do something to a point that I feel proud of what I have created. I am now 21 years old and I haven’t been proud of anything I have done.

So why am I writing this all out? Why am I telling the world that I am a failure? Well, because I am part of the cliche new years group that believes that “this year is going to be my year”. Now, I don’t know if it will really be my year. I don’t know if I will fail or if I will flourish this year but I know that when December 31st, 2016 comes around I want to feel proud that I did something.

“What will that something be?” Well I’m so glad you asked invisible people of the internet. I want to actually update my blog(s). That’s right there I have more then one blog. I have this travel blog that will still center on my travels in Europe from last year, but will also focus on things that I do in this new year. I made a resolution to go on an adventure every month, that might not be possible with my budget so I might have to settle for every few months but I will be going somewhere and doing something this year! I also have an artsy thing that I plan to do starting this month on a separate blog which I might link to later. I also have a “professional” (that word is weird…I don’t like using it) blog that I started for a class about a year and a half ago that I might start updating but I’m really going to focus on this one and the artsy blog for sure.

Here’s hoping that I do something. Here’s hoping that I document it. Here’s hoping that I update regularly (I will add a “journal” section to this blog so that I can update with random life stuff too cause I’m so interesting..I’m totally boring…). Here’s hoping that I will be proud of what I did this year when the year ends. (I’m totally biting off more than I can chew but I bought a calendar and a new planner so I’ve got this…I hope I’ve got this.)


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