Date day in Chattanooga


Well hello beautiful people! I’m bringing you the first (of hopefully many) small trips to small places during this beautiful new year. Here we go with this first small day trip down to Chattanooga to visit my boyfriend and take a little walk around the city! Hang on to your hats! (Because it was a very windy day in the adorable city.)

We started by driving around trying very very hard to find street parking (because as far as I know street parking is free on the weekend) but sadly we were unsuccessful. Instead, we found a parking lot close to the art district around Cherry St. which was only $6 for all day parking (pretty good deal). We took a short walk around the Hunter Museum of American Art and looked at the few sculptures around the building, but we didn’t go inside this time because its a little pricey and it was such a nice day that I didn’t want to spend it inside.

IMG_8002There is a walking bridge next to the museum that takes you from the museum to a cute street with lots of little restaurants, art boutiques, record stores, and book stores. (And lots of adorable dogs!!) This is where we spent the majority of our time.

We spent a lot of time pursuing A Novel Idea bookstore, located on Frazier Ave, which has lot of old books, records, art, and Chattanooga souvenirs. Its a very cute place in which you can get lost in forever…which we did…I can’t even remember how much time we spent in there. Here’s a really cute article written about the bookstore.

After we emerged from the bookstore, (wow its still day time? How is that possible!?) we walked up and down Frazier Ave for a little bit and then headed over to Coolidge park which is right next to the water and behind Frazier Ave. The park was bustling IMG_0222even though it was a chilly January day. The park has an enclosed carousel which is only a $1 a ride, we could’ve taken a ride on it but there were a lot of little kids and families so we decided against it. There’s a big rhinoceros sculpture in the park and of course I had to get a photo with it…no idea why its there or who made it or what purpose it serves but it was still very cool.

All this walking around made us quite famished so we walked back to Frazier Ave and went into this cute little place called Good Dog. This cute little shop has hot dogs, homemade sausages, frites (fries), beer, and local coffee. I’m assuming that the place is all pretty much local products but I didn’t ask anyone; however, it had that very local vibe to it. We had the Dutch frites and the boyfriend had a fajita hot dog, they were very very nice. After we had the light lunch we walked over to Market St. where there is a very cute cafe called Milk & Honey where I had a Nutella Latte and the boyfriend had a Macchito. While the drinks were very yummy it was a little disappointing that they weren’t served in actual mugs. My favorite cafes are those that serve coffee in real mugs (it might be because of my love of Friends and Gilmore Girls).

Once we had our fill of livin’ that hipster life we drove over to the Hamilton Place mall to watch the crazy mall goers rushing around as if they were already starting their Christmas shopping for this year. We didn’t spend too much time here because it was already pretty late and the mall was really big and kind of overwhelmed me, plus the boyfriend’s mom was making us dinner so…dinner > mall.

IMG_8010 IMG_8014

This was a very adorable date day, and I can’t wait to have many more fun days this year so I can share them with all you beautiful people.


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