So who is running this thing?

I’m so glad you asked!

My name is Sanja and I am originally from a tiny tiny place in Bosnia (a country many people have never heard of…most of the time when I tell people where I’m from they think I’m saying Boston…). I came to the United States roughly 18 years ago after that big war ended. My parents decided that the right thing for our small family (mom, dad, me, and little sister) was to start a fresh life in Tennessee. I have lived around the Middle Tennessee area since that point and am going to a university around the area now too. I am in my third year of studying New Media Communications and its a pretty enjoyable major (I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet but isn’t that what our twenties are all about? Not knowing stuff??).

I started this blog for a class assignment but I’ve always wanted to write a travel blog (no matter how insignificant it will probably be because holy cow there are a lot of travel blogs out there…) so I’m going to try my very best to keep up with it.

You would like to know some random facts about me? Okay! Okay! I got it.

  1. I am currently 21.
  2. I drive an adorable light blue Nissan Cube.
  3. I have a dog, Kiki the lovely yet infuriating Maltese.
  4. I really love reading, I don’t do it as much as I used to but I’ve been reading more and more this past year and its been a lot of fun.
  5. I watch Netflix more then I read and its a sickness.
  6. I’ve watched Gilmore Girls more times then I would like to admit (and yes I am so freaking excited for the revival even if it sucks I will love it!!!).
  7. I think that I’m funny but I’m pretty sure I’m just an embarrassment and I’m okay with that cause I find myself hilarious.
  8. I follow more dog/cat accounts on Instagram than people accounts…
  9. I work on campus in a library (in a computer section of it but people do ask me to help them find books so my childhood dream of being a librarian has actually happened which is pretty nifty).
  10. I am easily influenced by the books I read and t.v. shows/movies I watch, so for example currently I’m reading a book in which the main character is an archivist at a university library and well I’ve already looked into graduate programs so I can be an archivist…(I’m really weird I know…).

So, that’s a little bit about me! Feel free to ask me questions about myself, traveling, or anything else you can think of .

Enjoy your stay at petiteplaces!


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