Save a bit in Chattanooga


Saving some $$$ on your trip to Chattanooga

  • The aquarium does have a really great discount month coming up in February so take advantage of it if you are a student, I know I will be driving over one weekend to take in those magical fishes. Bloop bloop…? (is that the sound a fish makes in the water?)IMG_8016
  • The Hunter Museum of American Art has free admission to the permanent exhibit on the first Thursday of every month from 4:00 – 7:30 p.m. and $5 admission to view any special exhibits during that time
  • The parking lot around Cherry St. is a great deal for all day parking for $6, so the parking isn’t extremely overpriced.
  • The many restaurants/coffee shops have some kind of happy hour deals so check out some places to eat before you go on your trip to see if they have any happy hour deals.
  • The city itself is really cute and just walking around is an adventure itself so put away your credit card, put on your comfy walking shoes, and watch your feet when you are walking because there are little how-to-dance certain dances on the sidewalks (it is very cute).

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