Monthly Archives: March 2016

Why I don’t post when I say I will

I spend a great deal of my time online watching Youtube videos, and while some of that time is spent watching funny fails or cat videos a majority of my time is spent watching content creators. I believe that Youtube is just going to get bigger and better in the future and its been a […]

I think I’ve lost the desire to learn?

I’m in my third year of college and while I do enjoy the classes I’m taking (for the most part) I’ve sort of realized that while I do enjoy them to a certain extent, I don’t feel a lot of joy about them. Did I pick the wrong classes? I don’t think so because I […]

Seriously, just get a passport

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but while you might think that traveling is some whimsical and spontaneous thing that you do when you’re bored with little to no planning its really not. Traveling takes a long time to prep for, plan for, and then to well..actually go. Yea, I get it you want to […]