Seriously, just get a passport


I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but while you might think that traveling is some whimsical and spontaneous thing that you do when you’re bored with little to no planning its really not. Traveling takes a long time to prep for, plan for, and then to well..actually go.

Yea, I get it you want to be spontaneous but its really not something that can happen in a spur of the moment, unless for example you’re a rich individual who has endless amounts of money (aka Logan from Gilmore Girls…sorry should I keep this show out of blog posts? Let me know!). Especially if you are going internationally you still need to plan the trip just a tad.

So do you get what I’m getting at? The very lame hints I’m not dropping very well for you? The one thing I’m trying to get you to do? The thing that you very much need for international travel???

This is about your passport. Get one. Take your picture. Sign the papers. Send in the cash. Wait 3-6 weeks. Be ecstatic that now you can travel internationally. And done.

Here’s where you can start the process if you are in the United States.

Here’s where you can start the process if you are in the UK.

Here’s where you can start the process if you are in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Here’s where you can start the process if you are in Canada.

(I’m only listing these few because they were the easiest to find. If you personally need help finding where to begin your process in your country send me a comment or a tweet.)

Yes I know that it is expensive but its something that is amazing to have and plus you get to keep it for a substantial amount of time (In the US its for 10 years after you turn 16). I love knowing that if I have the money and the time to plan/go on a trip I don’t have to worry about going through the process of applying for a passport on top of everything else. Okay that’s the end of my get a passport spiel.


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