I think I’ve lost the desire to learn?

I’m in my third year of college and while I do enjoy the classes I’m taking (for the most part) I’ve sort of realized that while I do enjoy them to a certain extent, I don’t feel a lot of joy about them. Did I pick the wrong classes? I don’t think so because I really like my major because New Media Communications is such an interesting field and my minor is sometimes interesting too because Entrepreneurship covers a lot of methods that I can use in combination with my major. Plus there just seems to be such a passion with small businesses and the idea of working for one seems like a lot of fun.

However, I’m so reluctant to pick up my textbook and actually learn about anything…I put off reading until its really necessary and then I angry read so I barely retain the information that any of my books are covering. I remember a time in my life that I would go to the public library and pick random topics to learn about just because learning about these random subjects was so interesting. I couldn’t get enough of reading random information about anything.

Now, I’ve kind of shut my mind to any more new information that we cover in my classes, to a certain extent because there are some interesting topics that we do cover…I just wish we spent more time on these subjects. One class is not enough time to penetrate my mind with something new.

Maybe its because I want to get my hands dirty with actually using the new information that we’ve covered in my classes. We’ve talked about analytics in my Intro to Social Media class for a few class periods but we haven’t used the information successfully to see how it would benefit us in a real business situation. I learned how to write a business plan in my Entrepreneurship class but the professor was kind of scatterbrained and we didn’t really break the surface of how important it really is to have one. Yes, we went over what the book said and gave some examples but she wasn’t ready to give use the right assistance with the actual writing of the business plan.

The way professors are sharing information with us is making the learning process less desirable because all they talk about is how we have to stay on schedule and how we have so much to cover. I had a professor cover two chapters in one 55 minute long class because she wanted to make sure we had an exam before we went on spring break….why? Why did we have to shove two giant chapters of information in that short of a time? Do you think anyone learned anything? I sure didn’t..at least not until I went back over the notes in prep for the exam and hey look at that I don’t remember anything…great use of my money…

I hope my mind changes soon because I really want to get inspired to open my mind to what my professors are trying to tell us (when they are actually trying to teach us). I also hope that professors start actually wanting to teach and not just trying to stick to a calendar schedule.

I’d like to ask if anyone knows of any good inspirational/motivational books that could possibly help me try to reach the point of trying to learn more again and to also find some more motivation in my everyday life. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

(sorry for no photos in this post 😦  I just wanted to rant a bit and be really free with my writing.)


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