Why I don’t post when I say I will

I spend a great deal of my time online watching Youtube videos, and while some of that time is spent watching funny fails or cat videos a majority of my time is spent watching content creators. I believe that Youtube is just going to get bigger and better in the future and its been a great ride watching it progress over the years. I have always wanted to join in the magic that is Youtube but (here come the really lame excuses I use for everything) I’m busy, I’m not creative enough, or I don’t think anyone would watch any type of content I would put out. Since I don’t put out my own Youtube content I thought I would highlight a few of my favorite female Youtubers (solely because at this point I am mainly watching a lot of female content creators). Let me know who you’re watching and if you watch any of the Youtubers I’ve listed so we can gush about how amazing they are. (This list is in no particular order.)


  • Annika Victoria is a thrifty, creative, amazing DIY Youtuber. She has a very relaxing voice to listen to and she’s very body positive, which is always a plus. Even though I don’t do the projects that she shows on her channel I still have fun watching them and getting inspiration for items that I could at least buy and incorporate into my wardrobe.
  • Sofia is another adorable DIY and beauty Youtuber. She’s an interesting character who I’ve just recently started watching and I’m glad I have because her videos are lovely.
  • Ellko is one of the woman I aspire to be. She’s the creator of Fail or Holy Grail (as far as I’m aware!) and its hilarious watching her recreation of Pinterest pins. She shows some really interesting monthly subscription boxes that I’m totally trying to start picking up (as soon as I start getting some more $$$). And she’s extremely body positive/mental health positive/just a great person.
  • I can’t say enough great things about Kassie! I love her. She’s funny and conscious about using natural products (so is Ellko!!) and healthy eating. She gives great content with her beauty/OOTDs/day in the life videos, but its not just simply great content its also videos with a message (like how you don’t need to wear makeup to impress others and being aware of how intelligent you really are…I should really listen to this more often..).
  • Jillian is just adorable. She’s so pink and cute and makes really adorable videos. She’s a younger Youtuber but its not stopping her from doing amazing things! She’s extremely creative in her clothing/makeup and I just love watching her constantly evolving.
  • I love Beckie with all my heart. Her voice is the most soothing thing in the world. Her content is very chill and I never get tired of watching her. I know only good things will come to her in the future. Her creativity knows no bounds. Watch her. You won’t be sorry.
  • MARZIA! Adorable. Creative. Strong. x1000 for all of the above. I watched Marzia a long time ago very rarely and sometime last year I found her again and was hooked. She has such a unique style that inspires me immensely. Her video editing is my favorite, I love all the cute things she adds to her videos.
  • Honestly, I think Nat is the Youtuber I’ve watched consistently since she started Youtube. It still amazes me how she can create interesting skits for every new video that she puts out. She doesn’t run out of ideas! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Nat tell me your secrets!
  • Shawna is a Youtuber I watched regularly back in the day but then I think I got bored and stopped watching (I get annoyed at myself for doing this even though her content was great ughhh why do I stop watching such amazing people). I’ve started watch her videos again and she’s doing little vlogs/skits/mental health videos/music videos/productivity videos. Just amazing consistent work.
  • Melissa and Stephanie are thrifters and amazing editors. I am always so inspired by their looks and am always trying to go out and find pieces that are inspired by them. Their editing this year has just gone up considerably, its freaking amazing. The video above is by far my favorite edited video. I’ve watched it multiple times because its so beautiful. Also, their music choices are always so chill, A+ in my book.

Honorable Mentions (so this post isn’t just a never ending scrolling mess…)

Thrift Thick (thrifty/body positive/first impressions), Gigi Gorgeous (beauty/vlogs), Anna Akana (skits/short movies/motivational), Sharmander (life in japan/unboxings/vlogs), Mo Mo O’Brien (live action roleplaying/vlogs/cute things), Helen Anderson (beauty/fashion/body positive), Kiera Rose (vegan/mental health/fashion/vlogs) , NikkieTutorials (goddess of makeup), RoseEllenDix and TheRoxetera (marriage vlogs/ funny videos).


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