Monthly Archives: April 2016


Its no secret that I’m in love with windows. These are a few of the window I photographed while I was in Europe last year.     (hover over the photos to know where I was when I took them.) Advertisements

Trails Galore

Because I totally failed with that whole I’m going to update after i go on a trip thing, here’s just some photos from the trip. All I want to say is: It was cute It was fun It was warm It was quiet It wasn’t too hard Where we went.

Things in My Room

I’m not sure if I’ll continue to do video stuff but I’ve been in a video production class this semester and I’ve started to kind of enjoy creating video content, so I wanted to try my hand out at some small videos. They are not going to be perfect or really amazing quality but I am […]

Just keep creating, just keep creating

  I had the chance to go to an interesting “un-conference” Craft Content Nashville on Saturday. It was my second time attending and first time volunteering. The theme this year was story, and the panels I saw and the people I talked to really spoke to me. The fire in my heart is back. All […]

small changes

Hello all, I wanted to take a minute and introduce what this blog is about since the focus of it has been changing over the past few months. I began this blog for a course project where we had to create a website (blog) specifically for a certain audience and while running a travel blog […]