small changes

Hello all,

I wanted to take a minute and introduce what this blog is about since the focus of it has been changing over the past few months. I began this blog for a course project where we had to create a website (blog) specifically for a certain audience and while running a travel blog has been one of my biggest desires since starting anything online I feel like its not all I want to write about. I want to be free to create posts that deal with anything that I might find important/funny/quirky/interesting/etc… and post them on this blog.

I will continue under the name petiteplaces but I will be rebranding the idea of petiteplaces a little bit to take it away from a travel blog to more of a whatever blog. I hope you continue reading and I hope you enjoy the posts I will be sharing soon.

I’m extremely thankful for the small number of people who have followed me and I hope you stick around through the tiny (almost nonexistent) changes that are going to be coming in the next couple of days.

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