Monthly Archives: June 2016

I work out

(Say the title of this blog the way they say it in LMFAO’s song Sexy and I Know It…) So I want to share a bit of my excitement! I have been working out for roughly 2 weeks now and I’m so f*cking proud of myself!! I’m trying to work out about every other day, and […]


I finally made this blog my primary one. I don’t know what took me so long…? I don’t post on my original blog very often and I’m actually considering pulling it completely and adding the posts on this page exclusively so that way I have one tidy blog with all of my content. That might […]

The land of Rab, Croatia

This was the first time that I had the chance to visit the Island of Rab, and it was really beautiful. I love the architecture that can be found in Croatia. I do want to point out that the island’s main visitors are older people and some families with small children, so if you do want […]

The Water of Rab, Croatia

Last year I had the opportunity to spend roughly 2 weeks in Rab, Croatia. We were there visiting my aunt and her husband in his summer home (craziest thing ever…I never thought someone in my family would own a summer home..). Here are some of the waters of Rab that I had the pleasure of […]

My Grandma’s little home

This is my grandma’s little home located in a little village in Bosnia. I’ve been here a totally of four times since moving to America from Bosnia, but its still and forever will be a place that I dream about. Most of my memories in this house have been warm and full of family love. […]

The Immigrants

I’m currently reading the novel Lady Oracle by Margaret Atwood and there’s a passage in it that I’d like to share and then write a little bit about. This paragraph can be found a few pages into chapter nine. There were two cooks, a lethargic, resentful Canadian and a sprightly, bright-eyed foreigner, either Italian or […]

I think I’m faking it

When I graduated from high school three years ago (seriously??) I made it my summer mission to get into shape. I worked out every other day, I went swimming almost daily, I was eating better (I had cut out a lot of cheese which was the hardest thing to do because cheese is beautiful), and […]