My Grandma’s little home


This is my grandma’s little home located in a little village in Bosnia. I’ve been here a totally of four times since moving to America from Bosnia, but its still and forever will be a place that I dream about. Most of my memories in this house have been warm and full of family love. I remember when I was 12 I saw my first shooting star while standing in the yard late at night with my family. When I was 20 I remember being upstairs listening to my aunt reminisce about her childhood. When I was 15 I remember having a big cookout in the front yard with the biggest gathering of my family that I’ve ever been to. I wanted to share some photos of my grandma’s home because its such a special place to me and I can’t wait to be back there next year *fingers crossed*.


My grandma loves gardening and so the whole house is surrounded by flowers.



She also has a vegetable garden that is too big for her to manage but she does it anyway. She’s very stubborn…but I think she does it because a lot of us don’t get to come visit very often so she has to keep herself busy somehow.


The living room and kitchen are two of my favorite places in the house. The couches have been the same since I was a tiny child and the orange hazy effect is because of the really thick curtains she puts on the window to keep the sun and the heat out, since there isn’t any air conditioning.



My grandma lives alone and so she put photos of her kids/grandkids over the sink so that she has someone to talk to when she’s in the kitchen. It makes my heart hurt every time I think about this or I see this photo.


I think my aunt and dad bought her that electric stove, on the right, a few years ago but since the lines are pretty bad where her house is she doesn’t get a lot of electricity to be able to cook a lot on it. So instead she uses the wood burning stove on the left…even in the summer…when its blazing hot outside.


This is the view from the upstairs. I didn’t have time to go inside and take photos because we were leaving for Croatia the day I took these, but its okay because now I have even more things to look forward to next year. I can’t wait to go through all the memories that she keeps stored up there.



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