I work out

(Say the title of this blog the way they say it in LMFAO’s song Sexy and I Know It…)

So I want to share a bit of my excitement!

I have been working out for roughly 2 weeks now and I’m so f*cking proud of myself!! I’m trying to work out about every other day, and I didn’t do it toward the end of last week on the day I was supposed to but I did work out over the weekend and I’m just so proud of myself! I’m slowly getting back into running on the treadmill and doing some exercise videos that I find on Youtube. I really enjoy this one and since I don’t really have the desire to workout at a gym its nice to have videos like this online.

I’m hoping to get into hiking more in the next month, I just haven’t had a chance to go with anyone since all of my friends are traveling this month and its probably not a good idea for a woman to go out hiking alone (ah yes thanks crazy men of the world). I really just want to get into doing more outside activities because I really like being outside and that whole nature thing is pretty cool.

I happened upon a little workout from a Youtuber that I have been following recently and I’m probably going to try and incorporate that during the days that I run. Overall, I’m extremely excited and hope I keep this up for the next few months at least, because even if I don’t stick with this when school starts back up I will be taking a Pilates class next semester which will definitely force me to work out during the semester.

I would like to point out that I am not doing any type of exercising to lose a lot of weight. I just want to feel better because I have been feeling very sluggish and sleepy these past few months and I really want to fix that. I am also not weighing myself through this attempt at a life change because I used to do that when I was younger a lot an it really lowered my self esteem seeing that number go up and down everyday.

I did start my social media “cleanse” where I unfollowed accounts which made me feel inadequate and incapable of reaching the goals that others have reached. I’ve put more art and nature into my feeds, specifically on Instagram, which has made me feel happier and more relaxed.

I have also purchased two motivational-ish/happiness books to try and put myself in a better mental state while I’m trying to help my physical body. The two books are The Happiness Project and The Power of Kindness (which was recommended to me by a coworker), and I’m hoping that they have a positive affect on my attitude.

So yea, I’m trying. It’s been a slow change but its coming at a great point in my life because I’m heading into my senior year of undergrad, I’m planning a big trip next summer, I’m figuring out what I want to do next with my life (which has not gotten any easier), and I’m trying to better myself in any way that I can so I am at least a tiny bit ready for the future.


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