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If I could see Chicago – Museums

Part 2 of my I wish I could go to Chicago (sort of rant posts but not really cause they’re informative) posts, these will be about the places* I would want to visit while there. I probably won’t hit on any food places just cause I’m a mood eater so I base what I want to eat […]

Flower Friday – Papaver Orientale

“beauty of livermere” Description~ This flower is an Oriental poppy (poppies are really pretty flowers!). It has crimson-scarlet flower and is an upright, clump-forming perennial (which means it will live for more than 2 years). The flower will open during late spring. It will also then develop into large seed pods. Also, each petal has […]

So long Senj

After spending two weeks on the Island of Rab we took a ferry and spent a few hours in the town of Senj while we waited for our bus that would take us to Germany. Here are some of the photos I took while in Senj. This is one of the first times I’ve seen […]

Different Life?

One of my old friends on Facebook recently took a trip back to her hometown in Mexico and she posted a status about how she wonders how different her life would’ve been if she hadn’t moved to the US when she was little. It got me thinking about what my life would’ve been like if […]

If I could travel to Chicago

I am (well maybe not so much anymore…so maybe instead its more of an I used to be?) a planner. I plan what I need, things I need to do, books I want to read…I pretty much just make a lot of lists…and so the tale begins. In early June (late May?) I thought about […]

Flower Friday – Magnolia Grandiflora

“exmouth” and “goliath” Description~ This type of Magnolia flower is apparently different than other Magnolias because it can bloom anytime between late summer to autumn. This flower is pretty large, fragrant, and creamy white. The goliath variation has larger flowers than the exmouth. Cultivation~ The Magnolia Grandiflora is best kept in a well-drained, moist, organic, […]

A little bit of Austria

I was only in Austria for 3 days and since it was such a short stay we only spent time with our family rather than spending time sightseeing. We stayed in the house above, which is where my uncle and aunt are living for the time being, and it was really cute and old. The […]

Munich – Olympic Tower

Last year while visiting my aunt and cousin in Munich (for the first time and, yea here comes the cliche, not the last time), we had the chance to go up in the Olympic Tower. It was an awesome experience and a killer view. Do you see that view? Click the picture and make it […]

Flower Friday – Lotus Berthelotii

“parrot’s beak” Description~ Lotus Berthelotii also goes by the name parrot’s beak because of its hooked flowers. The beautiful orange-red to scarlet flowers appear throughout spring and early summer. It can not handle extreme cold, so it should be brought in during the winter months (which means it would be best to plant them in a […]


Me and my cousin last year when I was leaving Munich. I live in a small town in the southern states of the United States. I’ve lived here since I was 3 years old but I can honestly just say all my life because who really remembers anything from before they were 3… My family […]