Flower Fridays

I really wanted to get into flowers and gardening over the course of the past year, but I never got around to looking into flowers or setting aside time to garden (or the even think about gardening..). So, I thought that a really fun way to start sparking that flower/gardening vibe would be to start making posts dedicated to different flowers. I have this giant (well its actually really tiny, it can fit in the palm of my hand, but its packed full of information) book about flowers that I wanted to start going through to see what kind of flowers I would want to plant. Since that never happened I want to at least start writing about them and then (hopefully) the writing will help spark that desire to actually start planting and then later gardening.

I wanted to make this first post the introduction post to what will be happening on Fridays. I’m going to try for a post every, Friday but it will probably end up being every other Friday….but I’m going to be ambitious and say that I’m going to do it every Friday! Here’s hoping to actually writing these every Friday and then here’s hoping that I actually start gardening in the next year!

Enjoy this video featuring some beautiful blooming flowers in preparation for next week!


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