Maybe I’ll write a novel

When I was younger I wanted to be an author. I thought that I’d pen the next great novel or well at least just write a novel. I used to plan a lot about subjects that I wanted to write about and the stories that I wanted to tell, but nothing ever grew from my plans.

I have a whole folder dedicated to this teen fiction novel that I wanted to write when I was a freshman/sophomore in high school. I have character profiles, a map that shows the places the characters would visit, and an overall plot. Then I just stopped. I stopped thinking about writing it and so I stopped thinking about it completely. I still have the folder though so maybe it might happen one day…(probably not…).

It has always been a far off fantasy of mine to write a novel. At one point I got the idea in my head that writing a novel was too big of a feat for me to accomplish so I thought I should stick to smaller pieces of writing. I thought about writing short stores and I kinda did (okay here’s the truth I wrote some lame fan-fiction like all the other annoyingly obsessed girls did about their favorite anime/movie characters…I have no shame…okay I have a lot of shame…).

Then I got started college and was thrown into writing way too many papers during my first semester and I stopped writing for pleasure. After I declared my major, in the second semester of my freshman year, I started blogging for classes and not really for myself. Fast forward to junior year and I had to do a project to create a site for a specific purpose. So this blog was born, and I started writing for pleasure again. Just a little bit at a time. I’m proud to say I’ve kept up with it. The class ended months ago but hey look at me still creating content for it! (Go me!)

I still curse myself for not sitting down every once in a while and writing something that could be turned a novel, but hey at least I’m writing something here. There are always ideas floating around in my head about novels I’d like to write but I never put them down on paper and at this point in my life I’m okay with it. I’m doing a lot for this blog and for my future, so I’m not going to put myself down because I’m 21 and haven’t written a novel yet. It could still happen some day in the future. I’m not going to rule out the idea of me writing the next great novel…or at least just to write a novel.


*Quick question that I have if you do read this post. Do you like having photos in blogposts? I wanted to just post photos that I take but the weather has been really gross and I don’t want to use old photos that I have. Please let me know if having photos/not having photos is a big deal for you! I’d really appreciate your input 🙂


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