DSC_0012Me and my cousin last year when I was leaving Munich.

I live in a small town in the southern states of the United States. I’ve lived here since I was 3 years old but I can honestly just say all my life because who really remembers anything from before they were 3… My family (my mom, dad, little sister, and me) came to the United States after the war in Bosnia ended. The rest of our family stayed behind (except my mom’s mom, my grandma, who joined us a few years later).

I don’t hate that we came to live over here…for the most part anyway. I love the opportunities I’ve been given by being able to live here. I get to go to college, I get to meet a lot of different people, my parents have really great jobs close to home, my parents have money to give me and my sister a great life, and I get to travel (just a bit).

However, I do have one thing I hate about living all the way across the ocean. My family is too far away. The distance from my family is too huge and so I tend to miss out on a lot. I miss little cousins growing up, I miss meeting new relatives, I miss just seeing them doing everyday things, I miss graduations, and I miss weddings. Which is the big thing I’m missing next week. My first cousin, the guy I could call my brother, is getting married to a really adorable and nice girl and I don’t get to see it.

It really hit me that we are so far away and the trip is so expensive. The distance has fueled my desire to go for an extended trip next summer after I graduate. I want to see my family more often, I want to see them grow, I want to see them do stupid daily activities, and I want to see them for a long time. I’ve missed out on a lot and I don’t want to stay away from them for so long in the future. Here’s hoping that next year happens and that I finally get to see my family for a bit longer than just a couple of weeks.


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