Flower Friday – Lotus Berthelotii


“parrot’s beak”

Description~ Lotus Berthelotii also goes by the name parrot’s beak because of its hooked flowers. The beautiful orange-red to scarlet flowers appear throughout spring and early summer. It can not handle extreme cold, so it should be brought in during the winter months (which means it would be best to plant them in a container which you can move indoors). Seems to be classified as a very rare flower that is on the brink of extinction.

Cultivation~ Need to have moderately fertile soil or soil mix and it should be well-drained. Lotus Berthelotii needs full sunlight to reach its full potential. You should also cut some older stems to promote new growth.

Thoughts~ I’m not very sure about this flower. Its an interesting shape but it doesn’t particularly draw me in. I’m not a big fan of the color too much either, which is strange because I really love the color red. Its sad to hear that it might go extinct because someone out there who might fall in love with this flower may never get the chance to see it.


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