A little bit of Austria


I was only in Austria for 3 days and since it was such a short stay we only spent time with our family rather than spending time sightseeing. We stayed in the house above, which is where my uncle and aunt are living for the time being, and it was really cute and old. The house used to be a hunting lodge with the brown part being the oldest part and the white part being added later. The furthest part of the house (on the left) is a barn!


We had cows living right next door! Their barn is actually attached to the house but we couldn’t hear or smell them at all! The whole place was extremely peaceful. If I had any more books left to read by this part of the trip, it would’ve been really nice to just sit outside to read for hours.


This cow was extremely photogenic, and it was pretty much posing for me when I pulled out my camera.


This is what you see when you go for a little walk up from the house. I love all the hills and mountains. I have to live somewhere that has a lot of hills and mountains when I eventually settle down. They make me happy.


The above photo is the back of the house we stayed in, I had breakfast out here most of the mornings (except for the one day in rained…curse you rain!). The air was fresh and I think my heart felt better after our short stay here. While our stay here was very short and we didn’t really see a lot of Austria, which did make me sad at the time, I did end up enjoying our small stay. I fell in love with Austria so I’m very excited to go back there!


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