Different Life?

a bit of my hometown, Prnjavor

One of my old friends on Facebook recently took a trip back to her hometown in Mexico and she posted a status about how she wonders how different her life would’ve been if she hadn’t moved to the US when she was little. It got me thinking about what my life would’ve been like if my parents hadn’t decided to move us to America after the war in Bosnia ended. Here are some of the things I think would be different if I hadn’t grown up in America.

  1. I would’ve probably looked the same (as in body weight) but I wouldn’t have short hair because long hair is very popular in Bosnia so I would’ve always grown out my hair. I would probably not dress the way I do either, I would probably dress up a lot more than I do now.
  2. I’m kind of torn over the idea if I would’ve gone to a university. I haven’t seen many of my cousins going to college so I don’t know if I would’ve gone if I was over there. It would probably have to do with money and if my parents were able to put me through school. I don’t even know how my interests would be so who knows if I would even think about going to college.
  3. I would participate in that whole going out to the club scene…probably. The majority (if not all of the younger people) in the little town I’m from go out most nights, so I would probably do that too. This is a strange thing to think because I barely go out now, I would much rather stay at home or just go out to watch a movie.
  4. I’m 21 (22 at the end of this year) and a lot of my older cousins during this time would’ve already been married and they would’ve had at least one kid by now (or maybe around the age of 24-25). I wonder if I would already be a mom now…if I didn’t go to school then I might’ve been. That’s crazy to think because I feel like I’m such a child still and I don’t think I would be able to take care of a kid right now at all! I’m still a kid!!!
  5. I would have probably traveled a lot more. All of my cousins have traveled through a lot of Europe so I probably would’ve done the same. This is one thing that I would’ve loved!
  6. Hmm…I would probably still live in the small town I was born in. That would’ve made me happy. I think that it would be really cute to live in the place you had been born in, for a bit longer than just 3 years. I wonder if I would’ve still had the desire to move around a lot…maybe.
  7. I wonder what kind of hobbies I would have. I bet I would garden with my grandma a lot, and I would spend more time outside. I might still read as much as I do now, though I picked up reading because I didn’t have many friends which I don’t think would be the case if I had grown up in Bosnia. My cousins are always hanging out with someone and I think I would be the same.
  8. I bet I would’ve been just a standard student, because I had to try pretty hard to stay at the top of my class here and I know the schools in Bosnia are a lot harder so it would’ve been hard for me to be a top student. I would still try but I think I would fall short a lot.
  9. I would probably still know English because they teach it as a second language. My Bosnian would be awesome! I wish this was really true but I only have a elementary school level of Bosnian right now.
  10. I would probably be moderately religious. My aunt and most of my cousins are moderately religious and they sometimes go to church and I think I would probably participate in this too.

These are just ten things that I think would’ve been different if I lived/grew up in Bosnia. If you are living in a majorly different place from where you were born, how different do you think your life would be if you had grown up in your hometown?


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