If I could see Chicago – Museums


Part 2 of my I wish I could go to Chicago (sort of rant posts but not really cause they’re informative) posts, these will be about the places* I would want to visit while there. I probably won’t hit on any food places just cause I’m a mood eater so I base what I want to eat on the mood I’m in. Right now I don’t know what kind of mood I would be in so no food for you! (like the no soup for you guy…? ha…ha…)

*I took a break from this post after writing the intro, thinking that I could fit everything I wanted to see in Chicago in one post and after coming back to it I’ve only covered the museums and the post is already way too long. So this post is just about museums! So there ya go…

Art Museums

I’m a sucker for art museums! While I’m not well-versed in things related to art, I do really enjoy looking at art and just seeing how amazing everything is! So keeping that in mind, I would for sure check out some art museums!

  • There is a Museum of Contemporary Art which looks pretty interesting! I’ve not been to a contemporary art museum before and I think it would be a fun experience. There seem to be some really cool looking exhibits and actually it looks like they have a lot of exhibits going on! The ticket is only $12, which isn’t a lot, and I think you might have to purchase the ticket in advance so you’d have to be 100% about which date you are going to visit it.
  • The Art Institute of Chicago looks really cool! They have a lot of really awesome exhibits! They have a painting of Napoleon Bonaparte that’s going to be there until October!! However, the ticket price is pretty high…$25 for an adult ticket and $19 for a student ticket. Dang.

Other Museums

I also really love history and okay honestly it’s just I freaking love museums! They shed light onto things that happened in the past and they give you the information in small, interesting chunks. There’s nothing else to say about it. Museums are just great!!

  • The Field Museum is a science museum, and while I am not a science person it still looks like a fun place to go! It has some history exhibits which are my favorite and I looked into it and it is supposed to have an exhibit about the World’s Fair that happened in Chicago. I read The Devil in the White City about 2 years ago and the whole World’s Fair thing was really interesting, so it’d be cool to see some more information about it. Tickets for this place are crazy…$38 for an adult ticket and $32 for a student ticket…
  • While looking into the museums that can be found in Chicago I stumbled upon the Adler Planetarium. I think I went to the planetarium close to where I live when I was in elementary school and I always forget about planetariums, but it would be a really fun thing to go do! Stars and space just look so magical and daunting. Ticket prices are pretty standard starting at $12 for an adult general admissions ticket which is only for the exhibitions, and then $25 for an adult basic pass which lets you see a show.
  • When I was in Munich I went to the Deutsches Museum which is a science and technology museum, so it was a nice surprise to see that Chicago has a science and technology museum too! The Museum of Science and Technology has a lot of exhibits some of which are about transportation, farming, storms, space, and energy! While it does kind of sound like it would be just for kids, who cares! The museum still looks like a lot of fun and for $18 you get to see a lot of stuff!
  • So Aquariums are kind of like museums…right? Technically they are? Well, I’m going to go with them being museums so that I can add it to this section. Chicago has the Shedd Aquarium which looks like a pretty standard aquarium. However, they are always nice to visit and if I had some extra time I wouldn’t mind taking a little adventure to the aquarium. At $8 for an adult ticket you can’t go wrong with going for a short visit to the aquarium!

Writing about the things that I would go see in Chicago has been a lot of fun! I might write another post about other places to visit besides museums but for right now I’m going to leave Chicago alone…that is until I get to actually go there! Writing these posts has been really helpful in planning out and budgeting for an actual trip! Send good thoughts my way so that I can actually go later this year!!


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