Monthly Archives: August 2016

August Favorites

Since I’ve dropped the ball on keeping my flower posts going every week (I’m going to change it to every other week), I thought I would try to do my first ever monthly¬†favorites post! I really enjoy watching these types of videos on YouTube and reading the interesting posts by some awesome blogs on here, […]

Hello Hair

I bleached my hair. Okay so I didn’t bleach all of it, just a bit of the underside of it. I want to go pink and I’m slowly making my way to the pink! I thought I’d walk you through what I did…even though it was my first time doing it and I’m not a […]

Flower Friday – Ipomoea

“heavenly blue” Description~ This fast-growing and twining flower is a variation of a morning glory. It is summer-flowering and great as a part of a summer border or thrown about other plants. This large blue, funnel-shaped flower has a white center and can appear in clusters of two or three. Cultivation~ This heavenly blue flower […]

Flower Friday – Late Flowering Ericas

“irish lemon” “pd williams” windlebrooke” Description~ There are actually a lot of different versions of this flower, so I’m not 100% sure that the photo above is of a late-blooming erica or a heather. The flowers are low and spreading in form. The flowers are born over a long period of time, each of the […]

Thanks to the Camera that Started it All

When I was in middle school my dad bought me my first digital camera. It was pink and a standard point-and-shoot. I was in love with it. I took lots of pictures and videos of my friends. I made horrible, embarrassing YouTube videos, which my friends and I still cringe about. While those videos and […]

Rock Island State Park

I had a crazy Saturday. It was a close friend’s birthday earlier last week and she wanted to go hiking for her birthday. I like hiking, I can do it, I’m okay with easy to moderate hiking trails. I really prefer it when trials are dry because I am prone to slipping and tripping. So […]

Sensitive Saturday – What’s up with my body

The sex education that I was given in school was the worst thing ever. Honestly. So bad. It was pretty much nonexistent. Periods I learned what a period was when I was in fifth grade. We had a one hour class where a teacher came in, gave us a basic overview of what a period […]

Flower Friday – Small Daffodils

“narcissus” Description~ Small daffodils come in either yellow or sometimes white, and they bloom in a variety of different shapes. They can bloom either singly or in a cluster. They are of course smaller than a standard daffodil which makes them easy to manage in an outdoor and indoor environment. Cultivation~ You should plant daffodils […]