Sensitive Saturday – What’s up with my body

The sex education that I was given in school was the worst thing ever. Honestly. So bad. It was pretty much nonexistent.


I learned what a period was when I was in fifth grade. We had a one hour class where a teacher came in, gave us a basic overview of what a period was, and then proceeded to show us pictures of infections and gross stuff that can happen down there. Lets just say I was petrified when my period came a week later.


I found out about sex when I was in seventh and eight grade, I had the exact same 2 day long lecture both years. We had a business come in who told us what sex is, what happens after sex, and then showed us pictures about what happens down there when you get infections and STDs. They were also only concerned with abstinence and showed us how if you sleep with someone then the next person you sleep with would have also slept with that person. I remember them pulling us to the front of the class and making a chain about how we would spread diseases if we had sex with multiple partners.

I don’t ever remember seeing a condom or remember them telling us to get tested if we do start having sex. Instead they had us sign an abstinence contract with ourselves, that we would keep in our wallets until we were married and finally “allowed” to have sex.

High School

Did you notice that I never mentioned high school sex education classes? Ha! My high school didn’t have any…we had a health class from which I only remember a diagram of a baby in a stomach. That’s all I learned. Oh, and there was a chart about the number of people who die during certain events like plane crashes and car accidents. So yes I totally did learn something…


I’m 22 and I think I know most of things that deal with that whole sex and bodily functions thing. Honestly, I’m still learning because I wasn’t actually taught anything in school or from my parents. I never asked anyone about sex because it was a taboo subject, so I found a lot of information online…which was both good and bad.

I’ve been watching YouTube videos for information about these subjects for a while now and wanted to share my two favorite channels, one that I’ve been watching for years and one new amazing one I recently happened upon, about these taboo subjects (that really shouldn’t be taboo).


Laci Green – This is a great resource for information concerning anything about sex and your body. I always learn something new from her. I’ve been watching Laci’s videos for YEARS and I’m so glad that I knew about her while I was still in high school, because I learned about things that I would’ve never known without her.

Hannah Witton – This is a new YouTuber that I stumbled upon about a month ago and I’m so glad I did. She’s so open about sex and relationships. She’s teaching me so much and reinforcing thoughts that I have about certain subjects. She has such a great personality and I can’t wait to watch more of her amazing content. Her video about school sex ed is linked above!


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