Rock Island State Park

I had a crazy Saturday. It was a close friend’s birthday earlier last week and she wanted to go hiking for her birthday. I like hiking, I can do it, I’m okay with easy to moderate hiking trails. I really prefer it when trials are dry because I am prone to slipping and tripping. So when my friend said that where we were going would be rocks and stairs covered in water…I wanted to stay home. Of course, I didn’t and panicked the whole time we were making our way over to the waterfalls, but I made it!

We were a bit disappointed because as soon as we reached the falls and set down our stuff a group of about 30 people came after us and spread out everywhere…we thought we would have the whole area to ourselves. Damn it.

We sat around for a bit and the two guys we were with climbed up on top of the falls to jump down them. One of them jumped pretty quickly after they reached the top but the other did not. We kept trying to get him to jump but he wasn’t listening to us. So, three of us decided that we wanted to see what the big deal was and climbed up to get on top of the falls. The climb was crazy! I did not like it at all!!

We reached the top and the view was really pretty! We sat around on the rocks and looked at what was up there for a while. We then decided it was time to go down. The only ways down were to climbed back down the way we came up or to jump. Now let me tell you, I was thinking about jumping the entire time but I’m a pretty big chicken and didn’t think I could actually do it, but the climb down would’ve been really hard so….

We decided to jump.

We waited around for quite a while trying to not be super terrified…but who were we kidding we were scared out of our minds. The first friend jumped and I thought to myself okay there is no turning back, but I was still really terrified to do it. The other friend that was up there with me helped me out and jumped with me, I will always be thankful for that.

I still can’t believe that I jumped off of a cliff. I’m a very nervous and scared person when it comes to experiencing new things, so it really meant a lot to me to jump off of the cliff.

If you are ever in Tennessee take a little time to enjoy the Rock Island State Park.

rock island state park

The group after visiting the Rock Island State Park!

Be adventurous!


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