Thanks to the Camera that Started it All

edit camera

When I was in middle school my dad bought me my first digital camera. It was pink and a standard point-and-shoot. I was in love with it. I took lots of pictures and videos of my friends. I made horrible, embarrassing YouTube videos, which my friends and I still cringe about.

While those videos and photos I took were super embarrassing, they were the start of my love for production and editing. I would shoot the videos and then edit them on windows movie maker. It was the highlight of my day! I would schedule out when we would film and me and my sister even filmed on vacation so we could have episodes in different locations. We got our friends involved and we just had stupid days together.

I stumbled upon the camera the other day while rummaging through boxes to find some old photos and it brought back all these memories. I love video production and post-production…however, I’m glad I didn’t go to school for it. I want to do it for fun and learn stuff on my own and fuck up on my own. I just do it for fun and that’s all I want it to be for.

I went through a phase of taking photographs rather than video but honestly I love the video process better. I really love showing movement and telling a story through video clips. I love putting together a video and messing around with positioning the clips in a certain way.

I do not think I’m an amazing editor and video production person and that’s okay with me because it’s just a fun hobby for me to do when I feel like it!

I’m thankful to my parents for buying me that first camera that let little Sanja explore her tiny hobby.

Do you remember something in your childhood that has influenced one of your favorite hobbies?


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