Flower Friday – Echeveria


Description~ This is a cute little succulent that is adorably star-shaped. It had these really dense, thick green leaves. When it is kept as a house plant then it will probably not grow in groups, but if allowed to flourish outside it will grow more in a cute succulent border.

Cultivation~ Grow in well-drained fertile soil. Keep it barely moist in winter and increase watering in the spring. Honestly, this tiny plant does not need too much water to keep it happy and it really loves being in sunlight.

Thoughts~ I wanted to get a little bit more personal in this post. When I came back from my month long Europe trip last year my boyfriend got me this plant. I thought it was the sweetest thing and I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to keep it alive. I had this thought in my mind that if I killed this plant then somehow our relationship would fail (which is so stupid). I watched over this plant and sometimes forgot about this little guy. However, its been over a year and this baby is growing happily everyday. It is really easy to take care of and I love having this tiny, green baby sitting next to my window everyday.



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