I went to wordcamp nashville and didn’t break anything


I went to WordCamp Nashville on Saturday and all I got were these lousy stickers and pins. Haha in all seriousness it was actually more like: I went to WordCamp Nashville on Saturday and I fell in love.

I decided to volunteer at WordCamp Nashville when my professor came to class searching for some volunteers and I thought hey why not! The event was held at the Deavor / redpepper offices in Nashville and I was excited to visit them because I have never been to this space before. When I entered the building I was in awe of how amazing the office space was and couldn’t wait to get started!

After I arrived, I started helping the organizers set up chairs in the rooms and arrange the food for lunch. Then shortly before the event was going to start, another student volunteer and I went to meet with the Lead Organizer and get started on tweeting the event. Oh, did I mention that I was not only a regular volunteer but I was helping tweet the event…must have slipped my mind (I totally wasn’t nervous at all…).

This was my first time tweeting an event without being an attendant to it and I was super nervous beforehand, but as soon as I got situated into each session I felt right at home. I wanted to be really consistent with what I was tweeting about and made sure to post any notable quotes from the speakers. I also made sure to take photos throughout the day of the events and tweet them alongside any information. I was also retweet and liking as many tweets as I could get my hands on! I was really excited whenever someone retweeted or liked a tweet that I had written.

I had an amazing time and couldn’t have asked for better people to meet and work alongside. The Lead Organizer, D’nelle Dowis, was adorable and really helpful and the rest of the organizers were also extremely helpful and really fun to work with! Everyone answered any questions that I had about the event and no question was a stupid question (thanks guys!)! I also loved that many people who helped organize the event were speakers too and I had the chance to sit in on a lot of their sessions!

Also, can we talk about how awesome the food was??!! We had Frothy Monkey coffee all day long which was perfect! There were a lot of snacks scattered around and an awesome lunch with some killer sandwiches that made the second half of the day even better because a happy tummy makes a happy person (right? haha guys are you laughing?).

Okay, okay I’m done gushing! WordCamp was awesome and I can’t wait to volunteer again next time!


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  1. […] attended WordCamp Nashville and wrote about it a little more on my second blog, so check that out if you have a second. Overall, the experience was amazing and I can’t wait […]


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