Monthly Archives: October 2016

Looking Forward to November

So, October wasn’t a great month. I had some great times especially when I hung out with a friend for a whole day of homework (wow I sound really lame) and the boyfriend came up and visited me for a bit which was pretty nice. However, the majority of the month was pretty blah and I’m […]

Being Creative I Guess

I had a huge project this month that I finished about 2 weeks ago but I’ve been scared to put it out there for people to see it. I’m pretty proud of it but because I have a really huge fear of judgement I haven’t shared it anywhere. However, I am trying really hard to […]

Monday Reviews – Cloverfield

I’ve been thinking about starting a new weekly post topic, since I’m not doing Flower Friday posts anymore. I thought it would be fun to have Monday Reviews, which will be a day where I can review anything! I really wanted to keep the weekly topic very broad so that I could review whatever is […]

Sensitive Saturday – Marriage

I don’t want to get married, yet. I am at that point in life where a lot individuals my age are getting married or are shunning the idea of marriage, to an extent. Right now I’m in the middle of these two points of view. Some days I swing closer to one side but for […]

Sensitive Saturday – I’m curvy and I like it (sometimes)

I remember the day that my dad told everyone that I was fat. (Okay so he didn’t just say hey look my daughter is fat but it was pretty close.) It was during the summer break before my junior year of high school and we were visiting family in Europe. It was supposed to be […]

Luke’s Diner Day

The wonderful people of Netflix brought Luke’s Diner to all of us crazy fangirls for one day and sadly it was one day only. I learned about this event earlier this week and didn’t think I would be able to attend (and technically I didn’t? I’ll get to that in a bit.) but in the […]

Sensitive Saturday – the hair is everywhere

Hair. It is everywhere. You love it when it’s on your head. You style it. You want people to compliment you on how nice it is. That’s the only place you really want it. However, hair is also everywhere you don’t want it to be. It will pop up on your legs even when you […]