Sensitive Saturday – the hair is everywhere

Hair. It is everywhere. You love it when it’s on your head. You style it. You want people to compliment you on how nice it is. That’s the only place you really want it. However, hair is also everywhere you don’t want it to be. It will pop up on your legs even when you try so hard to make it go away. It’s there on your arms, on your stomach, in your lady regions, and under your armpits.

I am a hairy girl. I’ve want to hide it for years. I’ve denied it for years but I’m finally coming to terms with being hairy…sort of.

Honestly, I have no recollection about how hairy my legs were before today (like when I first started shaving), but I do know that I used to try to hide my legs from people when I had to change into gym clothes in school. I remember the first week that I had to change into gym clothes. We were sitting along the sides of the gym (girls on one side and boys on the other…I went to a Christian private school in sixth grade…that’s another story) and we had to stick out our legs to show that were were wearing gym shoes. I remember talking and laughing with the girls sitting next to me and I looked down and noticed how hair-free their legs were. When the coach came over I put my arms over my legs so no one would see that I had hair on my legs. After that first day I asked my mom to start shaving. I came to my mom and cried while I asked her if I could shave my legs because all the other girls in my class shaved and she was really nice about it and helped me shave for the first time (love you mom <3).

When I started seventh grade I started removing the hair above my upper lip, what could be referred to as a mustache (haha it was..). When I was nearing the end of sixth grade a boy pointed out that I had hair there and I think I cried myself to sleep a lot after that. Since I switched schools after sixth grade I thought that no one could see that I had hair above my lip and so I started to remove it. I would do it all the time. I still do it. I’m not going to lie. I use a creme hair remover to get rid of the hairs, about once or twice a week. I don’t think it is a bad thing to do.

During high school I shaved every day. Even if there was no hair on my chubby legs I would still shave my legs….whhhyyy?? I had really bad skin, bumps everywhere and ingrown hairs but I continued to do it. I just couldn’t let anyone notice that I had hair on my legs, plus kids in high school are super mean so I can kind of understand why I shaved so much.

What do I do now?

Well, I do still get rid of the hair above my lips. I do still shave my legs but I don’t shave every day. I don’t even think I shave every week now. I’d actually like to say that this is kind of because of my boyfriend? Kind of? Sort of? Just a little? Because he told me he didn’t care. I mean I still shave before I hang out with him because it makes me feel better, but I do not shave all the time. While, the hair on my legs still makes me uncomfortable sometimes I’m not obsessed with getting rid of it everyday.  It does still make me uncomfortable to have other people see the hair on my legs to a certain extent, but I am comfortable with me seeing the hair. It is a vast improvement because when I was younger I wasn’t okay with seeing any hair on my legs but now I’m not as bad.

I’m definitely changing and becoming just a little bit more comfortable with myself. Below is a video I watched that started to change my mentality on being a hairy girl. Take a look.


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