Luke’s Diner Day

The wonderful people of Netflix brought Luke’s Diner to all of us crazy fangirls for one day and sadly it was one day only. I learned about this event earlier this week and didn’t think I would be able to attend (and technically I didn’t? I’ll get to that in a bit.) but in the end I did get to make it out to one of the cafes that were a part of this event.

I had classes all day and could not make it to the beginning of the event and so me and my friend, Jessica, made the drive to one of the Nashville cafe locations, ZolliKoffee. Which took us about 40 minutes (damn traffic). When we arrived, we noticed that there were no Luke’s Diners signs anywhere, inside or outside of the cafe. We were under the impression, and the coffee shop said on their social media accounts, that they would have the signs up until they closed. They did not!

I asked the barista (who was adorable and answered all the questions we had) about the event and she said that they ran out of coffee 30 minutes after opening their doors and that the event actually ended at noon. We arrived at the coffee shop around 4! Now, I read a lot about the event beforehand and I couldn’t find any information about the length of the event, which was pretty annoying. She did say that they had some cups left over so she would put our drinks in them! At least we got something!

We waited around for some more friends to come (Sandra and Andrea) and we ate and chatted for a bit. On our way out, Jessica asked about the sign and they had it behind the counter! They let us take a picture with it!! The staff ZolliKoffee were really nice about it (and if they judged us they veiled it beautifully)!

Thank you Netflix for making this happen!

If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, make sure to follow the official Gilmore Girls twitter account! They always have current news posted there!


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  1. […] now extremely excited to see the revival. All of the publicity and promotions, such as Luke’s Diner Day, that Netflix has done have been perfectly catered for Gilmore Girls fans. I have appreciated all […]


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