Monday Reviews – Cloverfield


I’ve been thinking about starting a new weekly post topic, since I’m not doing Flower Friday posts anymore. I thought it would be fun to have Monday Reviews, which will be a day where I can review anything! I really wanted to keep the weekly topic very broad so that I could review whatever is new in my life!

I wanted to start this weekly topic posts with a movie review! I’ve kinda roped one of my new friends into selecting a new movie for me to watch each week! I’m excited because I really stick to watching the same ten movies over and over again and have stopped venturing out into watching new, good movies (because when I do watch a new movie its usually a really bad one since I’m a fan of really bad movies). This way I get to watch new movies and I get to bond with a new friend, its a win/win situation.

Cloverfield (2008)

Really quick overview of the film: going away party for one guy, earthquake?, running, monster comes out of nowhere, trying to escape, deaths, lots of deaths, smaller monsters?, going back for the girl, fire, pain, the bite?, and lots of eerie feelings.

Cloverfield is a found footage film, which I love because found footage films are really awesome when they’re done right! I do think that it’s really hard to create a great found footage movie, so it’s really awesome when you watch one that has been done so freaking well. My heart didn’t stop pounding with adrenaline for at least an hour after I finished the movie.

This movie was thrilling. When the credits started rolling I really had to sit for a few minutes to process it. The ending was crazy I was so sure that their helicopter would get away because I really wanted someone to live, and then when the monster knocked it down I knew there was no hope for them. It was really sad, but I guess you really knew that was going to happen going into the film. So did the girl that got in the previous helicopter stay alive?

Some of my favorite scenes

When sh*t starts happening there’s a moment where you see something fly through the air and slam into the ground and when your eyes adjust you realize that it is the Statue of Liberty’s head. Wow. I mean even if you’ve never had a Literature class you’ve got to see the symbolism in this scene. It makes you feel like there’s already no hope, even that early on, and that Manhattan is completely f*cked.

I’m a big fan of the underground scenes. There was such an eerie quietness in the subway station while they listened to the fighting occurring above them. It was also during this time that one of the characters received a phone call from his mother and had to tell her that his brother had died, I had very, watery eyes during this scene.

There’s a point towards the end of the movie where the characters feel as if they have some hope. The love interests share a kiss and there was this great juxtaposition between them being lit by this strong light and all the darkness and turmoil happening around them. Too bad it didn’t end well.

Final thoughts

This was such a good movie. I haven’t really watched that many monster horror films and so I’m really glad that this was one of the first good ones that I’ve seen. I always rate a good movie on the basis that I want to watch it again right after finishing it and I really want to watch Cloverfield again. I didn’t have time to watch it a second time over the weekend but I’ll have to watch it again soon because it was too good to just watch once!


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