Being Creative I Guess

I had a huge project this month that I finished about 2 weeks ago but I’ve been scared to put it out there for people to see it. I’m pretty proud of it but because I have a really huge fear of judgement I haven’t shared it anywhere. However, I am trying really hard to step out of my comfort zone and throw some of my creative content out there (aside from just writing about stuffs) so here are the videos.

About the Video Series

This video series is about my friend Alena, she is an art major at our university and she’s a pretty awesome person (if I do say so myself). In the video series, she talks about why she is an studio art major, where she gets her inspiration from (I actually had to cut the inspiration episode down because she gave so many amazing explanations and I couldn’t fit everything in to a short episode), a few of the art processes she is using, and how she feels about the stigma that faces art students.

My Thoughts

I’m pretty proud of the videos, however I would do a few things differently. I think I’d really like to invest in a better mic so that the audio doesn’t sound horrible. It is such a noticeable part and it is really bad. The audio really ruins the videos for me, but I’m kind of okay with how it sounds because I am not an audio person and I’m not good at editing it so I’m happy it came out at least moderately find to listen to.

I liked the editing for most of the videos. It was really fun to edit and I had a great time piecing everything together. I really enjoyed filming all of the footage, however I’m not a camera person either. I’m not very good at fixing up camera settings and so I do the best that I can. Overall, I am pretty proud of the videos and hope that you take some time to watch them.


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