Looking Forward to November


So, October wasn’t a great month. I had some great times especially when I hung out with a friend for a whole day of homework (wow I sound really lame) and the boyfriend came up and visited me for a bit which was pretty nice. However, the majority of the month was pretty blah and I’m really glad that it is over. Let us try to move past it and forget about October because a lot of fun things are happening in November!

Here’s what I’m looking forward to in the lovely month of November!
  1. The Gilmore Girls revival! It is finally happening and I can’t contain my happiness. If nothing else goes right this month I will still be happy every day because the revival is right around the corner and its something amazing that I have to look forward to.
  2. Colder weather. Seriously Mother Nature? Can you please make it feel like autumn? It has been the mid 80s and high 70s for the past few weeks and the forecast already says that it will be just as hot during the first week of November. Having such hot weather has made the excitement of holidays nonexistent. I’m hoping that November will bring cooler weather so that I can actually feel happy for the awesome season that is autumn.
  3. Friendsgiving! My close friends and I will be having a Friendsgiving this year! I’m excited to cook with them, talk, and just spend some time together. I’m going to be making a pie, from scratch, for Friendsgiving and I’m really excited about that too! I might even write a post about how it turns out because I’ve never made a whole pie from scratch before! Wish me luck!!
  4.  Journaling. While I have been writing on this blog a bit more (and there will be a lot more posts coming in November) I haven’t been writing by hand a lot. I’ve wanted to pick up journaling because I’m very inspired by the adorable, clean bullet journals I’ve seen all over the internet. I’m a little intimidated by how beautiful they are, so I will just be journaling on a very basic level. I tried journaling everyday in August but I didn’t do too well, so I really want to try it again. It is really nice to look back on what you did, who you saw, and how you felt on a certain day.
  5. A bit more reading. I haven’t read anything during the month of October. It has made me feel bad because I really love reading. I want to try to read a bit more during November, at least one book! I really miss reading, and while November will be super busy I’m hoping that I can find some time to sit down and read just a little.
  6. Gilmore Days! The biggest thing (okay second biggest because the Gilmore Girls revival is the biggest thing!) that is happening in November is that I am creating a Gilmore Girls blog post every day up until the revival. I’m really excited to get this started and to share all of my thoughts and some fun stuff about Gilmore Girls!
Do you have any fun plans for November? 

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