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Gilmore Day – The End

Have no fear there are no spoilers about the the revival episodes in this post, it is just me being an emotional wreck and wasting a bit of your time. Enjoy! Here we are. The show that we’ve been waiting for has come back. We’ve waited months. Counted down days, hours, minutes until it would […]

Gilmore Day – Happy Friendsgiving

This is it. Tomorrow is the day. The babies are back. I’m going to cry. Even though I’m nervous about the show and how high my expectations are, I enjoyed a very beautiful Friendsgiving today and since there are some adorable Thanksgiving episodes in Gilmore Girls I wanted this to be my final pre-revival post. […]

Gilmore Day – Let Them Eat Pie

So it is the day of giving thanks tomorrow and I know you are all hard at work watching your significant other getting all the food prepared while you drink a glass of wine. It is hard work to watch someone else do work. While you watch them sweat over the turkey take some time […]

Gilmore Day – My Favorite Season

I can’t believe that the revival is just a few days away. I keep thinking that it is still at least a week or two away, but then I realized that it is actually here this Friday. Wow. I’m so freaking excited and also sad because that means my Gilmore Days are numbered. However, I […]

Gilmore Day – Real Life Stars Hollow

The place that we dream of, the place we want to call home, the place we want to run off to, the place we crave. Oh Stars Hollow. If only you could be real. Sadly a real life Stars Hollow can never be. It would be impossible to have a place so small where everyone […]

Gilmore Day – Mother Daughter Relationships

There is something extremely special about the bond that Lorelai and Rory have with each other. There’s an episode, in one of the earlier seasons, where Lorelai says something along the lines of “…we’re best friends first and mother and daughter second…” and that really sums it up perfectly. The two of them don’t truly […]

Gilmore Day – Rory’s Influence

So yes Logan seems to have possibly influenced my major, but Rory had an even greater impact on who I am. She is a searcher and a learner. I wanted to imitate her to the best of my abilities. I wanted to become the girl that knew an endless amount of information and I wanted […]

Gilmore Day – Drinking Game

I was beginning to run out of ideas for posts that I felt like writing for Gilmore Day, and took to Twitter to see if anyone could come up with some ideas for me. One of my friends (can I call you a friend, who knows anymore) gave me some suggestions, one of which was […]

Gilmore Day – Biscotti

I really wanted to make a Gilmore Girls themed dessert and I made a tiramisu a few weeks ago and thought I would make another one and dust the baking cocoa to spell out Gilmore on top of it. However, I haven’t had time to 3D print/draw a stencil or to go buy the ingredients […]

Gilmore Day – My Favorite Author

I’ve noticed something about Rory. She reads a lot. Have you guys picked up on that? No? Wow, I am shocked. Well, hey Rory is really into reading. Since she’s so into book, I thought it would be fun to share who my favorite author is. I wonder if Rory would be able to pick […]