Gilmore Day – The Revival

When I first heard the whispers about a Gilmore Girls revival, I held my breath. I told myself that it wasn’t true and that it was unlikely to occur, but then a few months later (specifically in January of this year) Netflix and Warner Bros. finally said “Yes we’re doing it.” and I still wasn’t ready to believe it. Then when every actor started saying that they were coming back, my heart was finally able to believe that it was really happening, so I let myself feel really f*cking happy.

I’m now extremely excited to see the revival. All of the publicity and promotions, such as Luke’s Diner Day, that Netflix has done have been perfectly catered for Gilmore Girls fans. I have appreciated all of the efforts that they have been putting into the revival. I’m also happy that they are drawing in more fans and getting more people to watch the show! There can never be too many Gilmore Girls fans. It is heartwarming seeing the old fans and the new fans coming together to celebrate this amazing revival.

I am also extremely amazed at how large the existing Gilmore Girls fan group is, because I’ve never believed that this show had such a large following instead I just thought that a small number of fans still existed. I really like the show because there is a lot of sentimentality attached to it and because its a really great show but I never dreamed that the show was this popular. I mean could any fan base have gotten their show back after it finished almost 10 years ago? Shh…no. I don’t think so.

What do I hope will happen in the revival?

I’m honestly up for anything. I just want all of the characters to be happy and content in what they are doing. I want everyone to be on a great path in life and I want it to hopefully be all complete at the end, as in no crazy cliffhangers. I know that the whole revival will have the feel from the original show because the original rat pack is back and that makes me unbelievably happy. Seriously, I’m just so excited about the revival that I don’t even know what I want to happen, instead I just want to see those crazy talkers on my screen once more.

With all of that being said I would like to welcome you to my countdown to Gilmore girls: a Year in the Life where I will be blogging once a day about a topic that relates to Gilmore Girls or is completely about the show! I hope you all enjoy it, I know I will!

How did you felt when the revival was announced?

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