Gilmore Day – Stars Hollow

Welcome to Stars Hollow where everyone knows what you’re up to and they’ll dig through your garbage to find out about your likes, dislikes, and what you had for dinner last night.

Well, that sure does sound like a place I’d like to live. No seriously…I would really like to live there.

The appeal of small town life is definitely growing in the minds of my generation, at least for about half of it. Half of my generation want to live in a small town and the other half wants to live in the busiest city known to man. What’s the appeal of small town life? Its probably the homey atmosphere and the idea that everyone that you meet knows just a little bit about you and is actually interested in your life (to a degree).

Stars Hollow is definitely the perfect idea of small town life. It has a local stores, nice neighbors, and a storybook town center.

My favorite place in Stars Hollow

I’d have to say that my favorite location in Stars Hollow is the gazebo. It is right in the center of town so you can see everything around you, it surrounded by beautiful flowers (depending on the time of year), and a lot of adorable things happen in the gazebo. Lorelai and Luke celebrate their engagement with a drink in the gazebo and they have a “picnic” in it during the third season after Luke buys Lorelai’s basket. Rory reads in the gazebo during, what would’ve been but wasn’t (cause of Dean’s wedding), her perfect Stars Hollow day.

Could you imagine sitting a reading in the gazebo? Super cute.

Could you imagine having cute dates in the gazebo? Uber cute.

What’s your favorite place in Stars Hollow? 

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