Gilmore Day – Top 5 Favorite Male Characters


My original plan was to talk about my favorite male character, but I soon realized that would be really hard to do. Then I decided to make it a little easier on myself (especially since I am the one coming up with these prompts and no one can tell me no) and pick my top five favorite male characters. Turns out picking just five (I’ve increased the number because I was originally only going to pick 3) is still really hard so…after much deliberation, lots of coffee, and many sleepless nights I give you my list, with reasons, of my top five male characters (not in a top five order though so its a random order..please don’t make me rank them…).

  1. Richard Gilmore – Growing up I didn’t have a grandpa, or anything closely resembling a grandpa figure, so I, subconsciously, looked to a few movie/tv/book grandpa figures to be mine. One particular grandpa that I wish could’ve been mine was Richard Gilmore. He was that large, intelligent grandpa that I was in awe of. I wanted to be like him and I wanted to impress him. He’s a grandpa I would’ve wanted to run home to and show my grades, because he was be immensely proud of me. While he was a strict man, he was still funny, personable, and an overall well-rounded character. He will be missed in the new series.
  2. Jackson Bellville – How adorable is Jackson? Super adorable. Jackson made me want to garden and made me know that it was okay to make stupid mistakes (such as running for town magistrate). Sometimes I wonder if I get loud at the end of my sentences because Jackson influenced the way that I talk…maybe? Not only is Jackson a good man, he’s funny, a great husband (especially since he owned a small business and went into helping Sookie and Lorelai build the inn even though it was probably extremely hard to do so), a loving father, and someone I look up to.
  3. Brian Fuller – So you’re wondering why? Well, let me tell you that I see a lot of myself in Brian. He is definitely a far greater nerd than I will ever be but we do have some similarities. Brian loves information. One of my favorite scenes is when the band is going to Lunar New Year and Brian decided to research everything about the holiday prior to attending. I used to do this a lot. If someone would mention something to me or in a video, then I would spend lots of time just reading information about the topic online. If I was really interested in one particular thing I would also just spend hours online researching for no reason except to learn about something a little more. I wish that I still had this desire but learning doesn’t have the same appeal to me as it did when I was younger. He is also always looking out for his friends and doesn’t comply to the stereotypical idea of what a member of a rock band has to look like. He’s just happy being himself, I hope that attitude rubs off on me soon.
  4. Taylor Doose – This man is the entrepreneur I want to be one day. He sees an opportunity and takes it, however he does do it for the good of the community (for the most part..Taylor did we really need the crosswalk..?). Taylor is an inspiration to me because I would love to own my own business at some point in my life, being my own boss sounds like a marvelous thing. Taylor is also a firm believer of a strong community, which is a trait that I think is seldom seen. We don’t really know our neighbors anymore, but Taylor does. If I could be half as happy as Taylor Doose is in his Soda Parlor, even with all the overreacting and yelling he does, than I will be an extremely happy person.
  5. Michel Gerard – Oh Michel, where do I start? This beautiful, angry man is honestly an extremely kindhearted, loving man. The day that Rory returns after the huge rift that happened between her and Lorelai, and Michel is so happy to see her back! I tear up every time. While, he might come off as cold-hearted, he is practical and also dedicated to helping everyone excel (in his own way). Michel is on the level of sassiness (that’s not a word) and kindheartedness (is that a word?) that I hope to one day reach.
Who are your top five male characters in Gilmore Girls?

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