Gilmore Day – Least Favorite Couple


I love almost everything about Gilmore Girls, but there are somethings that I can’t get behind. One thing that I think was a weird choice. Lane Kim and Zach Van Gerbig…married? Babies? What?

Lane dreamed so big while she was younger. She wanted to be having lunch in Paris one day with Rory. She wanted to join a band and make it big. She wanted to go to a real college. She was dreaming so big. And then she just got married and then had babies.

What happened to those dreams? Why did Rory get the chance to go for her dreams? But Lane had to stay in Stars Hollow? I understand that it is really bad to compare the two of them because they did have different upbringings, sort of. They both had mothers who raised and worked hard for them; however, Rory did have her grandparents.

Lane and Zach fell in love and settled down to normal life in a small town, instead of really pursuing the whole band thing. Why didn’t they want to grow their band? They had a lot of opportunities. The internet was starting to be a big thing? Websites? Come on Hep Alien get it together.

I also didn’t really like them as a couple. It was annoying that them dating had a hand in breaking the band apart. I didn’t like that whole part of the show. I wish that they could’ve stayed as bandmates and then grown the band, so then maybe Lane could’ve been having coffee with Rory in Paris one day.

She could’ve tried to have more than her mother had in her life. Isn’t that the ultimate goal? Instead, she got married while she was still really young, and had the whole world in front of her. It was really disappointing to see her settle for the life of a small town mom when she had such big dreams.

Do you have a least favorite couple?

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