Gilmore Day – My Love of Gilmore Girls

gilmore girls

I always thought that I just kind of happened upon Gilmore Girls, which is pretty true, and that I just continued to watch it because I loved everything about it, which is also pretty true. However, there’s a little bit more to my ever-growing love of Gilmore Girls.

The Real Reason

Middle school was a really hard time for me, I went to two new schools during that time, and it was also during the time that kids were really mean, so fitting in was really hard. I didn’t really have a lot of friends, aside from the friends I’ve had since I was an even tinier human, which meant that school wasn’t really all that fun for me.

Most days I would look forward to going home so that I wouldn’t have to be surrounded by groups of friends who would let me sit with them, but who weren’t up for really welcoming another person into their friend-group.

What made those days bearable? Going home, sitting with my mom (while she’s drinking coffee), and watching Gilmore Girls. It would come on ABCFamily right when I would get home from school, and so it became the way that I would find a little bit more happiness when my school days weren’t all that great.

My mom and I would get really into the show, we would try to guess what would happen on the next episode, and we would talk about all of the characters as if we knew them. Those were some of my favorite times, especially getting to spend time with my mom while getting to delve into the world of Stars Hollow.

Yes, I did kind of stumble onto the show and I did continue to watch it because it was a great show, but it was more than that. It was a great bonding experience with my own mom and it was a way to escape from bad school days.

I picked it up again during my freshman year of college because again I didn’t have many friends and, while I wasn’t that far away from home, I was living on campus and couldn’t see my family everyday. Gilmore Girls helped me get through lonely nights in my dorm room, and it has helped me get through many lonely nights since then.

Why do you love Gilmore Girls so much?

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