Gilmore Day – Coffee Shops


There are not many coffee shops around my town, but there is one that has become a staple in the neighboring city where I go to school. The cafe is called Just Love coffee & eatery, and it is as cute as it sounds. It has recently started to franchise, which does ruin the idea of a local coffee shop a bit but I totally understand why they are doing it. You’ve gotta make the money!! It’s also really nice because now there are more Just Love’s around which means more people get to experience the adorable atmosphere and drink the lovely coffee.

It is a great place to do a bit of homework, catch up with friends, and get some reading done. I’ve been visiting this coffee shop a lot more over the past few months and it never disappoints me.

When you can pay almost the same amount as at a chain coffee shop for better coffee, a better atmosphere, and you get to support a local business, you definitely have to go.

I usually stick to the same order, a Tiramisu latte, when I visit Just Love. Its such a good cup of warmth and love that I’m not ready to change my order anytime soon.

I’ve also recently tried the Chicken Tender Wrap and it was pretty tasty. The wrap itself was a pretty good size, however I would’ve liked a bit more chips because chips are my favorite snack and I can never get enough of them. I’ve heard that their waffles are fantastic, I just never have a chance to get to the cafe before they stop serving breakfast, so I haven’t had a chance to try them. They have a lot of really interesting items on their menu and I can’t wait to try more of their food options soon!

Do you have a favorite local coffee shop?

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