Gilmore Day – The Divided States of America

divided states of america

This wasn’t a planned post because this was an event that I didn’t and couldn’t believe would happen. I’m relating this back to Gilmore Girls because Rory and Paris were always showing, in subtle ways, that they were pushing for Hillary Clinton to be a Senator. I believe that if Gilmore Girls would’ve been around today, Rory and Paris would have been helping with Hillary’s campaign for  president. I believe that they would’ve been so excited to hear that the first woman president would happen during their lifetime. I also believe that they would be devastated when they learned that a sexist, racist, close-minded businessman would be the 45th president.

This man stands for woman shutting themselves away and not coming forward when they are sexually assaulted.

This man stands for money and telling lies to get ahead.

This man stands for a country full of hate.

This man stands for shutting down minorities.

This man stands for closing off the ability for woman to make choices about their bodies.

This man stands for inequality.

This man stands for people who want to use violence to solve issues.

This man stands for a higher debt.

This man stands for a laughable wall.

This man stands for reality t.v.

This man stands for hate.

This man does not stand for the United States of America. 

So what do we do? I think it is time to find organizations that actually desire to make the United States better for all Americas. It is time to volunteer. It is time to stand up. It is time to leave the internet and go make a difference.

I have to say that I haven’t volunteered. I didn’t do anything. I am ashamed. I will not do this again. I will go out and find a place that is full of like-minded people and we will stand for what we believe in. We will help make this divided country whole again. It will take us longer now than ever before, but we will do it together. I refuse to have my future children brought up in a country that is standing on a foundation of hate. Let’s make Rory and Paris proud and make a foundation of kindness and equality.

We will get through this. We have to get through this.


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