Gilmore Day – Season Seven Thoughts

Season seven

Can you guess my feelings about season seven? No? Really? Okay, okay I’ll tell you. I didn’t like it. Okay how about I pretty much hated it? For the most part that is 100% true. It wasn’t what I wanted to happen, I mean I don’t think it was what the majority of Gilmore Girls fans wanted, and I was really sad that Amy Sherman-Palladino wasn’t a part of that final season. Here’s my list (with explanations) of the parts of season seven that I really wasn’t a fan of.

What I didn’t like about season seven
  1. Lorelai and Christopher getting married. Seriously? This is so not Lorelai. She’s not as big of a planner as Rory but she’s still a planner, and I would think that she would want to at least think marriage through a bit. Getting married and not telling Rory…how could she do that? Their bond is the best mother/daughter bond that I’ve ever seen and I was so shocked that she didn’t tell Rory. I’m also mad that Christopher pushed her into it. He pushed her into the relationship and then pushed her into marriage. I know that he owns up to it later in the season but still he did it, he pushed her and got what he wanted and then when it got too hard he bailed. This was probably the worst part of season seven for me.
  2. Amy-Sherman Palladino missing. I didn’t realize this happened when I first watched Gilmore Girls on T.V. with my mom, but I did figure it out later when I started to rewatch the show. I am always wondering what she would’ve done or how everything would’ve gone differently if she had been in charge. If only they listened to her like everyone listened to Woody Allen when they gave him full control over every movie that he made.
  3. The whole French episode. I just didn’t like this episode. I didn’t like the way that Lorelai acted and I didn’t like the way that Christopher used an extreme amount of money to be romantic. (I’m a fan of making romantic stuff happen with little money spent.) I didn’t like the way that they made all the French individuals seem really snobby or just laughing at Americans…though the latter one is probably true right now.
  4. The foreshadowing about the character witness letter after Christopher shows Lorelai Sherry’s letter. So, I’m a fan of foreshadowing but I did not like this at all! Why did Lorelai have to say exactly what she would end up doing? Also, why did she do it? Why did Christopher have to be like such a child that she had to keep it from him? Why did they make it seem that he was mature when he showed Lorelai Sherry’s letter? So many questions!!
  5. Emily getting arrested. Really? Was this necessary? I mean the episode that this happened in was pretty cute, with Christopher taking Lorelai to watch Funny Face, and I don’t think it needed anything this lame added to it to make it “funny?”. I didn’t like the way that Emily was embarrassed by this whole turn of events.
  6. The way that Christopher acts when Richard has the second heart attack. I understand that he was feeling bad about what he thought was going on between Lorelai and Luke, but still he was married to her and should’ve been there for her. No matter what was happening with their relationship, he should’ve put that all behind him and been there for her when she needed someone to comfort her. He was such a little baby.
  7. The way that Logan acted after his failed business venture. Again another little baby? Are you serious? After he got so far and matured so much they had to throw him back to act like old Logan. He closed himself up, he drank, he acted stupid, and he didn’t talk to Rory. Rory had every right to side with Logan’s dad because Logan was being a jerk. I’m disappointed that he didn’t get to go to Lane’s baby shower and I’m disappointed that he acted so poorly to everyone around him. He should’ve manned up and figured out what his next move should’ve been.
  8. The way Logan proposed to Rory. This was such a cringy moment. I can’t believe that he proposed to her in front of everyone. I always thought that if he was going to propose to her it would be at a moment where they were alone and it might even be something that was spontaneous. Sometimes I wonder if he had asked her in a different way would she have said yes…? No…probably not because I understand now (personally) the point that she was at in her life and what she needed to do for herself.
What did you think about season seven?

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