Gilmore Day – Rory’s Love Interests


What’s love got to do with it? Well in Gilmore Girls it has a lot to do with it. Apparently? Or at least it is a big part of the Gilmore Girls story…or at least its a part of the world that people can’t stop talking about. I guess it’s time for me to add my voice into this mix of interest about Rory’s love interests.

Dean? Jess? Logan? The trio of death…I kid I kid. In all honesty I think that each gentleman has some lovely qualities and I really want to touch on the really nice things about each of the guys instead of focusing on the bad qualities (however if you are in a real relationship you have to look at everything). I don’t really want to just pick which boyfriend Rory should end up with so I’m going to keep that out of this post (haha..Jess though…).


Original Dean was probably the perfect, first boyfriend any girl wishes she had. You’re lying if you don’t wish your first boyfriend was as magical as Dean was. He made Rory a car!! Raise your hand if your boyfriend has built you a car. He was also adamant about getting Lorelai to like him, which I think is an attainable goal that every boyfriend should have because if the parent(s) don’t like you then it’ll probably effect your relationship.

He was there for Rory whenever she had something to do that was a little scary, like the Chilton dance. Even though she was willing to participate in the coming out party for her grandma, having Dean there probably made her feel a lot better.


While Jess was a bad boy and treated Rory like crap during a significant part of their relationship, I blame his mom and not having a stable household. He was amazing at matching her intelligence. He wanted to learn alongside her, when it came to reading and expanding his music/movies knowledge, and not so much when it came to the school learning. He kept Rory on her toes and made sure that she had someone to talk to about what she’s reading or watching.


A lot of people give Logan a bad reputation because they think that he changed Rory in a bad way, I don’t think that’s the case. Logan helped Rory break out of her shell, which I know is a hard thing to accomplish for both her and Logan. He also matched her intelligence and while he probably didn’t read as much as Rory did he could keep up with her on a speaking level. Oh that butt-faced miscreant.

What do you think about the guys that Rory has dated?

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