Gilmore Day – Top 5 Favorite Female Characters


So I thought deciding on my top five male characters was hard, but picking the top five female characters has been an even tougher journey. I had to pull out some wine to help my mind relax with this undertaking. Here’s what I came up with.

Sookie St. James

Sookie is such a caring individual. I would like to think that I am the Sookie of my small friend group because I bake for them and listen to them. I’m not as good of a cook as she is but maybe one day I’ll get to her level. Sookie’s attitude, when she gets into a pickle (get the reference? If you do leave a comment about where it’s from!), is how I would like to face life. She gets into trouble or hurts herself but she still laughs and smiles about it. I wish that I could be as positive as Sookie is.

Mrs. Kim

I love how Gilmore Girls shows very strong single moms. Mrs. Kim, while she is a rival to Lorelei’s way of parenting, is amazing in her own way. While I know that technically Mrs. Kim is married, it’s honestly annoying that the whole Mr. Kim thing is never actually addressed so to me he doesn’t really exist so she’s a single mom to me. Mrs. Kim only has Lane’s future and life on her mind and she is constantly trying to put her first so that she can excel. I hope I’m that great of a mother one day.

Miss Patty

There are so many confident women in Gilmore Girls. Miss Patty is definitely one of those confident women, who am I kidding every woman is confident in their own way. Miss Patty went out and took the world by storm and performed on any stage that she could climb onto. If I could go out and find as many opportunities that she did then I will have no regrets when I’m 85 years old.

Paris Geller

Headstrong and hot. Paris Geller is the girl that I wish I was in high school, to a certain extent. She raises her hand in class, speaks whats on her mind, and takes opportunities that help others (sure they help her in the end too but that’s life). I wish I had the confidence that Paris has.


This woman is just so cool. She has a job in a male-dominated field and she is the amazing at it. Gypsy is also an amazingly confident woman in every aspect of her life. She is also dedicated to helping out the community and all of Stars Hollow. She helped with finding the rotten eggs and assisted with putting together the Stars Hollow museum, just to name a few town activities she participated in.


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