Gilmore Day – Least Favorite Male Character


Don’t hate me but I’m pretty sure that I hate Marty.

Marty was a cute character when he made his first appearance in Gilmore Girls. He was that eager freshman that wanted to have the full college experience. He wanted to get to class early, have a few beers..and then take his clothes off.

He was a nice friend to Rory when they first started to hang out…sort of. I mean come on just cause Rory saw you naked (and didn’t even see anything but your naked butt so calm down Marty) it doesn’t mean you have to jump her in the dining hall when she’s late for breakfast and in her pjs!!

It became really obvious that Marty liked Rory, even just little bit, pretty early after he came on the show. However, he didn’t do anything about it. Seriously man? You’re in college and you have feelings for her, you should tell her. He missed all of his chances. He could have told her before she met Logan, but nope the guy just wanted to make puppy eyes at her when she wasn’t paying attention to him.

Then when Logan becomes a part of her life he got annoyed and stopped hanging out with Rory without ever giving her a reason, he could’ve just told her that he wasn’t happy with their friendship and wanted to take care of himself. Nope. Then he decides to tell her his feelings at the worst time and when she shoots him down he disappears. It was fine that he was out of her life, because it’s not good to keep someone around and have false hope that you might one day get together.

The event that makes me really hate Marty is when he meets Rory again and pretends to not know her. Seriously? Are you kidding me? You’re kind of an adult, at least kind of act like one. Yes, Rory should’ve said something in that moment but Marty should’ve never even said it in the first place. He acted like such a child. Then spoiled his relationship with Lucy and his “friendship” with Rory.

He’s a strange person who doesn’t know what he wants and acts in the worst possible way to try to get to what he thinks he wants.

Who is your least favorite character?

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