Gilmore Day – My Favorite Author

Margaret Atwood

I’ve noticed something about Rory. She reads a lot. Have you guys picked up on that? No? Wow, I am shocked. Well, hey Rory is really into reading. Since she’s so into book, I thought it would be fun to share who my favorite author is. I wonder if Rory would be able to pick just one favorite author? If she could, I wonder what author it would be…

Margaret Atwood

This woman is amazing and she is my favorite author. Granted I haven’t really looked into her life and all of the other aspects of her career but her writing is impeccable. I know that she is a strong advocate for woman’s rights, which is an amazing thing to hear especially because of the way that I see America now. I know that she has written poetry on top of all the novels that she has completed. I am not a big fan of poetry, but I think I would read some if it was written by her because she has yet to disappoint me through the novels that I have read.

She has been part of my journey into the world of feminism and I’m glad that she has been standing strong next to me during this part of my life. She is also an individual who has strong views on environmental issues that have been rapidly escalating over the past few years. She seems to be a firm believer that change and help for the environment can occur and should occur sooner rather then later.


I have read a total of four novels by Margaret Atwood, and I won’t stop there. I have began to hoard her novels and have about eight other ones that I can’t wait to get too, of course I have the overused college excuse that I have no time to read for pleasure. Keep in mind that it has been a while since I’ve read these novels so I’m just touching on them briefly.

Thoughts on the Novels

The Handmaid’s Tale : This was my first Margaret Atwood novel and definitely not the last. The picture that was created in this novel had me shaking, I couldn’t fathom that anyone could create this type of story. It was thrilling and terrifying all at once.

The Edible Woman : An interesting read, sometimes I do think that I am too simple-minded to understand all that these novels are trying to tell us, but I think that I get the overreaching idea most of the time? I really enjoy Margaret Atwood’s writing and the way she creates characters which you yourself can relate to, she did that for me in The Edible Woman (in a certain way). I was intrigued by all of the events that occurred in this novel and the Duncan character Marian, the protagonist, met.

Bodily Harm : This wasn’t one of my favorite reads but I did enjoy some parts of it. I did like most of the relationship scenes between Rennie and the romantic counterpart (I can’t for the life of my remember his name). There were a lot of politics in this novel and I am not a big fan of political writing, it was about a coup that was occurring during Rennie’s visit to an island. The novel was a bit too much for me in the sense that there was a lot of information and a lot of different things going on at the same time.

Lady Oracle : This novel was crazy. There were a lot of flash backs to the protagonist’s childhood and it made it harder for me to stay interested in the story. I had the desire to see what was occurring in her present life rather than focusing on the past; however, I understand that the past had to be told so that this present could be better understood. I loved that she faked her own death, I don’t know why but it was exhilarating.

Who is your favorite author?

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